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The role of an expert knowledge manager

As I go on with the development of the and especially the Document Managing System (DMS) function, I came across the definition of a key role in knowledge management : expert knowledge manager.

Let’s assume that I have a document database in which documents cover different fields of expertise (like steel materials and ceramic material). I can define one (or more) colleague(s) as an expert in a given field; For example, Bruce is defined in the system as an expert in ceramic materials.

The document creator (let’s say a colleague from the ceramic material engineer department) has not been able to fill in every form field (or attributes) when submitting the document. I really don’t want to make all field mandatory because it may make the document creator reluctant to add its document to the database. That is why, the system let him submit its document with an incomplete form and as a consequence the entry in the database has some missing information.

Here comes the Expert Knowledge Manager in action.

The DMS will regularly ask the right Expert Knowledge Manager to fill in the blank fields. If a document cover the ceramic material subject then Bruce will be asked to improve the database entry. In other words, the expert knowledge manager make sure that all documents in his field of expertise are well documented and can be found in the database.

The philosophy behind is always the same : a DMS will work only if all documents are properly defined and all attributes are correct.


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