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CRM école de danse et centre fitness

Un gestionnaire de client et de facturation pour votre école de danse et/ou votre centre de sport et fitness.


  • Enregistrer toutes vos informations client
  • Gérer les participants pour chaque séance
  • Envoyer des emails groupés
  • Gestion complète de la facturation et de la comptabilité
  • Différents taux de TVA possibles
  • Gérer vos cartes client avec un système de crédit pour chaque cours
  • Recevez dans votre boite mail tous les matins, la liste des gens ayant leur anniversaire aujourd’hui et la liste des gens dont l’abonnement expire
  • Exporter toutes vos données au format excel
  • Prenez les photos de vos clients directement depuis votre smartphone ou tablet
  • Et beaucoup plus

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Requirements Management & Compliance Matrix

A template for a Matrix of Compliance using excel.

Matrix of Compliance

Improvement possibilities :

  • There is no change tracking system in Microsoft Excel
  • If the customer send the specification document in pdf or word, the amount of work for the conversion into xls can be quite important.
  • There is (yet) no easy way to reuse knowledge from one product development to another
Dev Project Management

A description of my coding environment

The context

I code simple projects.
Let say that the project is hosted at
Most of the time, I am the only developper. I code from different platform : iPad, Pc and Mac.

My solution

I will detail here my coding process

I Use dropbox
I work in a folder myproject_dev inside dropbox folder
These is where the last version of my development is located
To edit the file depending on the platform, I use :

I use beanstalkapp ( as my private git repository (a free account is ok)

When I would like to test live my code : I push my dev files from my dev folder to beanstalkapp

beanstalkapp keep a version of all my work help my colleagues to review the code.

beanstalkapp is set up to automatically deploy my dev file to a ftp server.

I use ovh and a public dev folder

This is a php-sql project so :

  • I maintain a duplicate of the public database
  • If you are browsing the application through :
    •, the php files are pointing to the live database
    •, the php files are pointing to the test database

When I would like to push the dev to the live site. I commit my files with the keyword: [deploy: production] and the files are also pushed to the production ftp server.

If I need to alter the sql database structure, I do it in a sql.php file rather than in phpmyadmin. This sql.php file is automatically triggered (like a web hook) by beanstalkapp just before deploying the file to the development and production server.

Things I could improve

  • On windows, I am pushing files to git with Git Bash and this is not optimal. I could find a better IDE with integrated git.
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Excel Gantt Chart

A template for creating gantt chart (planning) in Excel

Gantt Chart Excel
Gantt Chart Excel

Download it : Gantt Chart Excel Template

This is to be use when you don’t have Microsoft Project.



CRM for Dance School and Fitness Club

Hi, In the last year, I have been developing a CRM for some very good friends that own a salsa school and a fitness club in Lyon, France. The software fits perfectly their needs. After some moments of hesitation, I have decided to write a public version so that any interested school can give it a try.


  • Store all your customers data
  • Manage your classes and attendees
  • Send group emails
  • Fully billing system to send your customers their bills
  • Manage cards with point system for non-regular customers
  • Get customers birthday reminders
  • Get bad-payers list in your mailbox every morning
  • Export function
  • Take customer pictures directly from Smartphones and tablets into the CRM
  • A lot more…

How to try it ?



I don’t know yet… So let’s say that this will be free as long as it is in beta version. Anyway, the basic version will not cost more than 200$/year.

Dev Project Management

How to search in databases spread all over the company

The problem

Knowledge is spread all over the company and hidden inside excel files. During the development of new products it is crucial to have a state of the art of what has been already done to save money.

The context and some contraints

  • Engineering department
  • Each engineer manages its own formatted list of product datas using excel

    Examples of lists
    Examples of lists
  • The headers may have different names (example : list 1 refers to temperature as  « Max Temperature » while list 2 refers as « T »)
  • The values may be in expressed in different units (exemple : list 1 expresses the temperature in °C while list 2 in Kelvin)
  • No extra work for the engineers

My solution

  1. Using a scheduled task, the different excel lists are uploaded from the windows file system onto the company server

    Scheduled Task
    Scheduled Task
  2. Using a server scheduled task (cron), the excel files are converted into sql format
    List 1 in sql format
    List 1 in sql format

    List 2 in sql format
    List 2 in sql format
  3. A conversion sql database helps to uniform the parameters designations and units
  4. The result is quite powerful

    Result from the master search
    Result from the master search


With this method, we authorise the engineers to work with their own excel files and still provide a solution to search among all the different files.

Future improvements

  • Make sure that there is an unique identifier for each excel lines so that any project can make reference to it.
  • Auto update the sql databases structure to match structure changes in the excel files.