CRM école de danse et centre fitness

Un gestionnaire de client et de facturation pour votre école de danse et/ou votre centre de sport et fitness. Fonctionnalités Enregistrer toutes vos informations client Gérer les participants pour chaque séance Envoyer des emails groupés Gestion complète de la facturation et de la comptabilité Différents taux de TVA possibles Gérer vos cartes client avec un système […]

Requirements Management & Compliance Matrix

A template for a Matrix of Compliance using excel. Matrix of Compliance Improvement possibilities : There is no change tracking system in Microsoft Excel If the customer send the specification document in pdf or word, the amount of work for the conversion into xls can be quite important. There is (yet) no easy way to […]

A description of my coding environment

The context I code simple projects. Let say that the project is hosted at Most of the time, I am the only developper. I code from different platform : iPad, Pc and Mac. My solution I will detail here my coding process I Use dropbox I work in a folder myproject_dev inside dropbox folder […]

How to search in databases spread all over the company

The problem Knowledge is spread all over the company and hidden inside excel files. During the development of new products it is crucial to have a state of the art of what has been already done to save money. The context and some contraints Engineering department Each engineer manages its own formatted list of product datas […]