All-in-one project management software. Swiss-made .

Software screenshots

Tasks management

Efficiency and ressources under control

  • Assign task to people and/or teams
  • Write meetings minutes directly inside the software
  • Tasks reminders
  • Visualize resources occupation


Simple schedule to deliver your customers on time

  • Gantt
  • Kanban agile (sprint)
  • Portfolio roadmap (programs and projects)
  • Calendars for projects, peoples and the whole company
  • Follow production orders and contracts


Control your projects costs

  • Track project expenses
  • Multiple financial accounts
  • Log working time
  • Consolidate on a portfolio view
  • Excel exports

Knowledge management

Capture et re-use the projects knowledge

  • Document management system (DMS)
  • Project folder
  • Flexible database to store customers, suppliers, productcs, ...
  • Enterprise wiki, lessons learned, feedbacks, video tutorials,...
  • First class search engine
  • Powerful tag management


Streamline team work

  • Cloud plateform with acces from anywhere and from any device
  • Use projects comments to avoid emails
  • Simple smartphone app for field service employee
  • Extranet to share documents, project progress and tasks with your suppliers and customers
  • Connect with any ERP, CRM, ...

Performance indicators

KPI dashboards and reporting made simple

  • Leadtime, finance, risks, ...
  • Project statistics
  • Management dashboard
  • Project manager dashboard
  • Reporting tool to prepare weekly meetings


Increase the quality delivered to your customers

  • A consistent project management processus
  • Manage project deliverables
  • Rights management (user access)
  • Traceability
  • Will help your ISO 9001 certification process

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