The team

A team of experts to support the success of your projects

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Our philosophy

Thomas Doki-Thonon

Thomas Doki-Thonon, Ph.D.

Engineer with Ph.D. in mechanics. More than 10 years experience in industry, automotive, aerospace as technical project leader.
Membre of Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF)
Co-founder of Rationalk

Alexandre Hauser

Alexandre Hauser

Senior software developper.
15 years experience as tech lead and CTO
Co founder of Rationalk



Company icube SA

Integrator partner and custom development on the rationalk software framework. Bulle, Switzerland.

Our simple process to help pragamatic companies in project management

  1. It starts with a talk
    • You tell us what is your main obstacle in the field of project management
    • We evaluate immediatly if Rationalk can solve it

  2. Then we meet (physically if possible)
    • We prepare a special demo that fits your needs
    • We evaluate carefully your needs

  3. We send you a commercial offer before the end of the week

  4. If you accept,
    • We deploy your Rationalk app in the cloud (2 days)
    • We develop custom functionalities (if needed)
    • We train your teams
Rationalk was a startup supported by FriUp (Swiss startup coaching organization)

We are labelled swiss made software (100% made and hosted in Switzerland)