Differences between Rationalk and MS Project Pro

Note : we are talking about MS Project Pro because the standard personal edition does not have a sufficient collaboration or sharing capabilities.

What they both have in common :

  • Planning capabilities using gantt chart
  • Ressource assignment
  • Costs calculations
  • Calendar view
  • Portfolio management

Where is MS Project better than Rationalk

  • Advance and complex planning (using complexe tasks constraints). Rationalk uses only finish-to-start constraint (which is enough in 90% of the projects)
  • Ressource levelling (Rationalk can show you over-occupied resources but will not take the decision for you to change the planning automatically)

Where is Rationalk better than MS Project

  • Agile planning : Gantt chart are often use at the beginning of the project by the project planner but then they are not updated as the project goes on. In Rationalk, all project tasks are on users dashboards and kanban. Any changes (task completion, delay, …) will be reflected on the Gantt. 
  • Rationalk can show the most important informations of different project on the same page. This helps to have an overview of multiple projects.
  • Rationalk have an integrated project documentation space (DMS). MS Project can connect with Sharepoint or a windows folder but this is costly and limited. The Rationalk DMS allows people to collaborate on project documents, store them and distribute them.
  • Rationalk have an extranet. You can share project progress, tasks and documents with your customers, suppliers and partners. You create a login for them, and decide what to show to them.
  • Consulting and advises : we help you to setup the software and make it fit exactly to your way of working. We can help improving your project management skills
  • Custom development : Rationalk can connect to your CRM, ERP, website, … We also do custom development like for example an expenses validation system (parking, hotels receipts, …) that connect with the project expenses module.

More informations

MS Project : https://products.office.com/de-de/project/compare-microsoft-project-management-software?tab=1#

Rationalk : https://rationalk.ch 

To get in touch with us : thomas.doki-thonon@rationalk.ch or 0768173346