Baseline projet

Une fonction très pratique de Rationalk : l’enregistrement des états planning à des dates données; Le but étant de pouvoir comparer les évolutions des délais.

Exemple :

Baseline projet
Baseline projet

Dans cet exemple de projet de production :

  • En vert le planning actuel (aujourd’hui)
  • En orange le planning discuté avec le client en début de projet
  • On peut voir :
    • qu’on va produire plus rapidement que prévu
    • que le client mettra plus de temps à tester notre production
    • On risque d’être payé en retard par rapport à ce qui a été convenu


Rationalk est un logiciel tout en un de gestion des tâches, des projets et des planning. Sa modularité permet de l’adapter à vos besoins. Pour toute demande contactez-moi.

Project Management

Valuable note conversion

Taking meeting’s notes or minutes is one thing.

It helps the note taker to remind himself about important facts discussed in a meeting or during a presentation.
You can make them way more useful if you convert them into organized knowledge.
Under organized knowledge I mean a document recorded in the company database.
A good practise would be to convert every items of your freshly-taken notes into :

  • An assigned action with due date
  • An update of documentation like a specification or a handbook
  • An update in the project decision log
  • An update in the risk (or opportunity) register
  • A short communication to colleagues
  • A planning update
  • A change in the software
  • Whatever you want but something else than a hand written document than no one will use

Don’t wait too long to do this. Try do do it live or at least within one week period.
Doing it quickly after the meeting prevents :

  • People to wait too long for your feedbacks
  • Having to convert tons of notes at once.
  • forgetting anything

This seems obvious but sometimes it is useful to recall obviousness.

Note that this process is a lot easier is you take your notes paperless.

Project Management

My Favorites Project Management Tools

A little update after one more year of practising as a pm :

I have separated tools by usage (project management core activities):


  • Ganttproject
  • MS Project
  • Excel



File Collaboration

  • Google docs
  • Office 365
  • Dropbox
  • Windows file system


  • Slack
  • Basecamp
  • Skype
  • Emails

Knowledge Management

Task Management


  • OneNote
  • Google docs
  • Word
  • Power Point